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A Track Record of International Experience

Our clients trust us implicitly, and their trust comes largely as a result of the strength of our directorial team. Each member has an international reputation and a robust track record. As a result, the global headquarters of our clients have no hesitation in appointing us to conduct strategic global and Pan European studies.

With this reputation, it makes sense for us to focus primarily on international research, but the breadth and variants of studies we have conducted means we have been able to develop many successful relationships which have proved invaluable for more tactical, domestic studies.

How do we maintain our international reputation? By:

  • monitoring regulatory and disease-specific developments in the North American market
  • keeping abreast of similar initiatives in each of the major European markets
  • working regularly in key Asian and Latin American countries
  • knowing how to operate successfully across these diverse cultural environments

Our partners have to match our standards. We are proud of the strong relationships with high calibre qualitative researchers and quantitative field suppliers in all the main international markets. We can then feel completely confident that we are using the very best and most relevant and appropriate research partners in each market for your project.

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