case studies

  1. The Patient Journey

    The challenge: To better understand the dynamics of metastatic cancer care amongst a difficult to access and vulnerable patient population.

    The brief: Aequus undertook a global three-part study to map out the physical and emotional challenges that face patients and their families.

    The solution: Employing a combination of qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic techniques, Aequus assembled an emotional and psychological view of this patient group, exploring both local and global perspectives.

    The result: Multiple perspectives on a complex therapeutic area, vividly capturing the the journey of the metastatic breast cancer patient on a global scale.

  2. Belief Mapping

    The challenge: To determine which physician beliefs need to change in order to maximize the acceptance of a new product concept in breast cancer.

    The brief: Use the “Belief Maps” our client had developed to validate hypotheses about physicians current beliefs, and the desired beliefs needed in the future. Evaluate the validity and accuracy of the process, including their accuracy in determining the difficulty of converting from current to desired beliefs.

    The solution: Aequus devised an innovative combination of qualitative projective questioning and scaling techniques to answer our client's questions.

    The result: The research enabled our client to understand which belief shifts would be easy to achieve, and which would need significant market shaping initiatives. Aequus has since applied these belief mapping methodologies to both physicians and consumers in a variety of European and North American markets.

our clients:

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